Grass Fed: Our Dexters are grass and hay fed with small amounts of sweet feed given as a training tool.  Our Dexter cattle are raised the old-fashioned way, meaning no growth hormones, no steroids, and especially no feed antibiotics. Quite simply, they are 100% grass-fed which means they are raised on natural grass pastures and local hay.

We want our customers to have a great eating experience. We also want everyone to know that we have done our best to care for our animals. Since all our cattle are raised on natural grass pastures it only seems logical to feed them throughout their lives with what they would consume in nature. More and more people are looking for grass-fed and grass-finished beef that is free from any grain products.

Beef Orders:

We sell by the whole, half (side), or split half (quarter) and the price is based on the hanging weight of the animal (when it is hanging in the cooler to dry age). Many consumers who have experienced buying freezer beef in the past from larger breeds of cattle find that half a cow or steer weighs more than a whole Dexter steer and takes up quite a bit more freezer space.

We are regularly asked how much beef one derives from our grass-fed Dexters. After dry-aging (hanging in a cooler) for approximately 2 weeks, the cut and wrapped meat weighs an average of 270 pounds (obviously, a half is 135 pounds). This equates to about enough beef from one whole animal to easily fit into a standard 15 cubic foot freezer with room to spare.  We are currently taking reservations for Fall 2018 beef.  Contact us via this website, email us at, or call 937-344-8245 with any questions.

We suggest you order sooner rather than later.  You might want to consider reserving your quarter, half, or whole for next fall or right now and eliminate any future price increase. In order to reserve a half or whole of wonderful grass-fed and -finished beef, simply send in your deposit of $100 per order (see below). We will send you a receipt and you can be assured that it will be reserved for you.  DO NOT WAIT! Once we have reserved or sold all the beef we have available in 2018, we will not have any more until 2019.  We always price our beef per pound based on hanging weight. Hanging weight is the weight of the carcass after it is hanging in the cooler to dry age.  Price for 2018 is $5 per pound and includes butcher fees for the cutting and wrapping and local delivery if you desire. 

Our Fall 2018 beef will be processed on or around November 15th. The butcher will discuss with you how you want your beef cut and wrapped. All packaging is vacuum sealed.  The cost for the white butcher paper is slightly cheaper, however, we always recommend vacuum sealing to keep the quality and flavor of the meat at its peak.

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